From access controls to internet access, security solutions are crucial for the day-to-day operations of your business.

Whether it’s monitoring employees and guests with gate access, biometric readers, and smart cards or helping our customers control losses, we are here to help.

ASE can design a security solution that will fit your needs & budget now & include room for future growth.

Our IP based access control & CCTV systems allow users the flexibility of monitoring & viewing activities via their network, PC or smart phone anywhere they please. ASE can assist you in designing a system for your office, warehouse, campus or multi-tenant facility. ASE is dedicated in providing our customer the latest technology when it comes to security & surveillance. We offer a wide range of solutions ranging from simple two-door systems to multi-building, multi-campus IP systems.

Access Control

Mitigate opportunities and ensure confidentiality through the use of Access Control systems.

Unauthorized entry is the number one culprit of security threats in the workplace today.  Implementing Access control systems provides quick access to those who should have it, while denying access to those who shouldn’t.

Cloud Monitoring

Through the use of IP based control systems, a centralized point can be established between offices and campuses.

Activity of those systems can be viewed remotely from anywhere at anytime. Having alerts and notifications sent to phones gives administrators the information required to make informed decisions about how to better protect your company.


Fingerprint – Retinal Scan –  Facial Recognition

Whether it’s fingerprint, retinal, or facial recognition ASE can help implement these next generation authentication technologies to help keep assets and businesses secure.


Enterprise level security camera systems and control centers. 

At ASE Telecom, we specialize in commercial and enterprise CCTV and security camera installations for your office, warehouse, campus or multi-tenant facility.

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