Engineering, drafting and documentation


Our in-house engineers can provide consulting and bespoke designs based upon your needs and requirements.

With the ever-increasing demand for technology and mission critical infrastructure things can get a bit hectic. Whether you are unsure about the technical specifications or viability of a solution, ASE can determine what you need now and for the future to guarantee you are up and running when you need it most.


Our in-house drafting team can provide documentation and detailed drawings for unfinished or finished projects.

While many companies outsource drafters to provide project drawings, we do it all right here at ASE. This ensures drawings are always up to date, accurate, and that there is no loss of important information through communication.


We provide detailed documentation for our projects that you can rely on every time.

Technical specifications, as-built drawings, and professional test results are just some of the things we are known for in the handling of our projects. Having accurate and adequate documentation can make all the difference.

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