Audio Visual

Audio Visual for academia, government, corporate, and retail.  Our AV solutions can help transform lectures, trainings, hearings, and video conferencing from antiquated and boring to modern and exciting.

Unified Communications (UC)

Our UC solutions can help establish company wide video conferencing platforms and deployments and make integration easy.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought an unparalleled demand and necessity for Unified Communications in the workplace. UC(as it’s known) has helped transform the way businesses communicate internally and with one another.


Take advantage of the most up to date camera technology.

From lecture halls, classroom setups, and broadcast studios ASE has supplied countless institutions with professional grade installations that are easy to use and help promote student interaction and productivity


Reliability when it matters most.

Providing secure, easy-to-use mission critical deployments of video-walls, control centers, PA systems, and recording solutions we can make sure every requirement is met


The new corporate standard.

More than ever corporate culture is being pushed into the focus. Interactive townhalls, video walls, collaboration rooms, and site wide transmission of video and audio are becoming the corporate standard.


Retail installations and integrations made easy.

No matter the type of retail environment ASE has the right solution to make sure your customers’ have the best experience. From distributed audio and video to LED lighting and more we deliver fantastic and professional installations in a timely manner.

Sound Masking

Increase Privacy and productivity

Soundmasking decreases intelligibility of private conversations and raises the ambient noise floor so workers can stay focused on the task at hand.

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